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void Villa::close (  )  throws VillaException [inline]

Close the database handle.

VillaException if an error occurs.
Updating a database is assured to be written when the handle is closed. If a writer opens a database but does not close it appropriately, the database will be broken. If the transaction is activated and not committed, it is aborted.

Reimplemented from qdbm::ADBM.

Definition at line 225 of file Villa.java.

References index.

Referenced by qdbm::VillaTester::domulti(), qdbm::VillaTester::doread(), and qdbm::VillaTester::dowrite().

    if(index < 0) throw new VillaException();
      int rv = vlclose(index);
      index = -1;
      if(rv == 0) throw new VillaException(vlecode());

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